Sold Out Offer

Sold Out Offer

Although we’re thrilled that the Dr. Cabral Detox has become the go-to program for thousands of people looking to get well, lose weight, or just start feeling great again, we have sold out faster than expected…

As a result, we will be completely sold out of the Dr. Cabral Detox until the 2nd week of May.

However, for many people including those I personally care for in my Functional Medicine practice not being able to do a high-quality Detox for the month is not an option…

So, here is what I’ll be using in my practice and I wanted to share the same great option with you now!

The April/May Dr. Cabral Detox Option

Until the 2nd week of May, the Dr. Cabral Detox will be substituting the all-in-one Equilibrium Nutrition Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) shake with 2 comparable products:

Thorne Research Vegalite ($33.00 value)

This product is a vegan, hypoallergenic pea and rice based protein made by a 3rd Party tested Functional Medicine brand. It is very similar to the protein in the DNS shake, except it doesn’t contain any other vitamins, minerals, or Detox cofactors. Which is why we’re adding in this next product:

Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin ($39.95)

To make the protein powder above a complete all-in-one, I’m adding my Equilibrium Nutrition Daily Multi with all orders this month!

The Dr. Cabral Detox will still include the original FM Detox and AYU Detox capsules as before since they are not sold out yet.

The New Plan

Nothing actually changes with this new Functional Medicine protein and multi-vitamin substitution. Instead of using the DNS detox shake where instructed on the directions, you will simply use the Thorne Vegalite powder and Activated Multi.

All shake timing and meals are exactly the same.

The entire Dr. Cabral Detox is exactly the same – only we are substituting 2 products for the DCD shake power.

But of course, we’ll still supply you with a new Infographic printout of the direction with each order…

Upgraded Shipping

Because I feel bad that we sold out so quickly, I want to upgrade your order to FREE 3-day Priority Shipping! (US orders only)

This means, when you order your Dr. Cabral Detox this month do not choose Priority Shipping, since I’m going to upgrade your order for you free of charge!

Additional 4 Bonuses

Rather than let us selling out of stock be a bad thing, I want to turn it into a one-time event where you actually get more than you hoped for…

So when you order your Dr. Cabral Detox through May 7th (or earlier if our inventory arrives sooner) you’ll be getting these 4 free bonuses:

1. 1-3 Weeks Free Supply of Multi-Vitamin

Since  I’m sending you an entire month supply of my daily activated multivitamin, you’ll have anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks left over after your detox depending on the length you chose (7, 14, or 21 day Dr. Cabral Detox).

This is the same Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin & Mineral are use in my practice for anyone not using the daily nutritional support shakes.

2.  Free Upgraded Priority Shipping

All orders until May will receive free upgraded 3-day shipping  – Make sure not to choose Priority Shipping at check out.

3. $40 in Additional Product

While I’m making the substitution this month you will actually be getting $33 in additional product.

The good news is that since this is our inventory issue and not yours, we will not be passing along any additional costs for the Dr. Cabral Detox these next few weeks.

4.  10% Off Your Next Order

I hardly ever do a sale or offer discounts simply because we  already sell at the lowest possible price for the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market.  Our costs are typically 5x higher than the average supplement company you see online due to the ingredients we use.

However, for putting your trust in me while we are out of our usual detox formula I would like to reward you with a 10% off coupon your next order!

How to Order

Simply click any of the links below to check out as normal:

> 7-Day Dr. Cabral Detox

> 14-Day Dr. Cabral Detox

> 21-Day Dr. Cabral Detox

And remember, you’ll automatically be upgraded to free Priority Shipping after check out!

Thank You

I also just wanted to take a moment to thank you and our community.  We honestly have some of the most caring and compassionate people I know in our online support group and as customers of the Dr. Cabral’s Detox.

This is why I felt compelled to create this new temporary substitution formula. I just didn’t want to let anyone down and I know it’s the right thing to do for all of us…

I truly appreciate your support and thank YOU for placing your trust in my team and I!

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing



Stephen Cabral
Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Ayurvedic & Functional Medicine Practitioner